You can art

We believe everyone has their own clown within them. We also think everyone has their own creative streak. Being able to tap into your creativity on a regular basis can not only make life feel better it can also be a really useful tool for coping when life isn’t feeling great.


Lockdown has been pretty weird or downright difficult for most people and maybe especially for young people who don’t have access to private space (like a garden for example). We can’t always make physical space but we can learn to give ourselves internal space, by listening to and creating from what is going on inside our minds and bodies.    


Thanks to Arts Council England we’re piloting a 10 week creative well-being project with a primary school in East London (following all the safety guidelines, of course). We’ll be using loads of paint, puppetry, physical theatre games, music, writing and filming to create a fun and safe space for these young people to process their lockdown experiences. 

And because the creative arts can help us to imagine better times, we’ll be asking them what do you want the world to look like after COVID-19?   


Are you interested in Beside Ourselves bringing You Can Art to your school? 

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