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Seriously surreal scenarios, inviting you to be seriously silly with us.

Statue Delivery

A confused delivery man needs your help to find the right address and sort out his paperwork. Could you help find this priceless statue’s rightful home? Or could you keep an eye on her while he nips off to get a snack?

But wait, perhaps it’s the statue herself who needs your help… if she told you she’d been stolen from a museum, would you agree to wheel her away on her trolley and take her to safety? But be careful, the delivery chap will soon return so you’ll have to be quick!

DSCF6341 (5).jpg

Couch Potato

Two Potatoes carrying a couch roam the streets looking for the perfect place to sit down, eat crisps and get to know the townspeople.


But their potato doctor has told them they need to get more exercise. Will members of the public be happy to share their fitness advice? Or perhaps they’d prefer to stop for a moment’s rest and a chat?

Photo courtesy of Kalene Jeans


The Roving Court

Roll up, roll up! The Roving Court is coming to your town!


Join pompous judge, the Right Hon. Ms Titebottom, and greasy barrister, Mr F. Arts Loudly, as they hear your naughtiest childhood crimes, committed years ago but finally brought to justice in a trial by child - yes, your own child - jury.  

Developed with a commission from Harrow Arts Centre

roving (1190 × 716px) (1).png

Let Us In?

Any room at the inn? The Nativity’s Joseph, heavily pregnant Mary and donkey wander the streets looking for a safe place to have their baby. In the meantime, they have some questions about the area - is it welcoming to strangers? What are the schools like? And Joseph would like to know if there’s a working men’s club. 


Will they find the best place for Mary in time or will she end up giving birth on the donkey? These characters from out of town seek mercy and merriment with anyone who crosses their path.

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