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#1 Sh*t Women Face: in the acting industry with Amelia Parillon

Following the recent Noel Clarke allegations we decided to launch a new vlog series called 'Sh*t Women Face', in the hope that we can talk more openly about the everyday harassments and nonsense that women everywhere encounter. To start with, we're gonna be talking to our female-identifying friends and colleagues about some of the sh*t that they face as performers.

We're so excited that joining us for our first ever vlog is the very talented Actress/Director Amelia Parillon.

Amelia is a London based Caribbean creative. An Actor, Director and Educator who is also a certified Coach and Energy Healer, she is striving for the Elevation of Consciousness, Self Care and Self Love for the masses.

Her Art and Activism can be seen: @Parillonactress

Her Coaching and Healing work is being built @FindFreeFlow.

If you identify as female and are a performer and would like to be involved, drop us a message through our contact page or DM us on insta @besideourselves.

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