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You’re born, you pay tax and then you die, right? But what about all the juicy stuff in between? The stuff that makes us laugh, cringe or cry. The stuff that we’ll remember for as long as we're here. 

The stuff that makes us unique and deeply the same. 


That love letter you wrote to David or Alison, who you sat behind in Physics lessons when you were 15. That promotion you got at the company you wanted to leave. Saying goodbye to your gran in hospital.


What if you had the chance to see the best or the worst stuff again? Well now you can! 


Drawing inspiration from Keith Johnstone’s & Improbable Theatre’s Life Game, join Beside Ourselves on the rollercoaster of your life! Literally, your life. Using your real life stories, a multitude of props, improvised song, performance art and clowning, come see your memories brought to life in front of your eyes.