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Just Don't Do It

Christian youth camp and it's time for the sex talk! Enthusiastic youth leaders Trish and Tash explain how to save yourself until marriage; it's as simple as Just Don't Do It, right?

It's Christian summer camp and enthusiastic youth leaders Trish and Tash are giving their top tips for 'saving yourself until marriage' to the teenage girls. Not tempting the boys with inappropriate clothing, ‘safe’ dance moves and valuing your virginity above all else is a script they know well, and one which Tash, as Christian of the Year (1991) can deliver with personal zeal. 

Trish, however, is not so convinced. 

When she starts to rebel, Tash's repressive tactics go into overdrive and the ground opens up beneath them. Literally. 

It will take an epic journey into a mythical realm, some singing vulvas and a few surprising spiritual encounters to reconsider everything they thought they knew about sex, faith and friendship.

Based on the performers' personal experiences, American purity culture and an ancient matriarchal myth, Just Don't Do It is a 'bonkers yet touching' (***** Explore Reading) clown theatre debut.

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Devised and performed by Eleanor Young and Kate Mounce

Directed by Deanna Fleysher

Set Design by Matt Lloyd & Ruth Smith

Sound Design by Matthew Ennis

In 2019, Arts Council England, Seedbed Christian Community Trust and Enable Wandsworth funded a regional tour of Just Don't Do It to festivals, conferences and theatres. We also ran a successful audience engagement strategy to bring churchgoers, who don't usually engage with the theatre, into arts venues. 

Just Don’t Do It is available to tour to theatres and churches. Drop us a message and we’ll send you our tour pack!

‘Mounce and Young are very talented performers and when in full foolish flow very much a joy to watch.’Reviews Hub

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