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Introduction to Clowning

"It's not about acting stupid, it's about daring to be seen as stupid." Nalleslavski, The Clown Manifesto

The art form of clowning has been described as many things: being dropped in the sh*t and learning to love being there, letting the inner idiot come out, letting the mask drop, finding your most beautiful self in whatever you’re doing.


The clown is also said to be at the foundation of all great performance. 


However you choose to describe it, one thing is clear to us. Clowning is magical. 


Combining approaches from Lecoq, Gaulier, Peta Lily and Deanna Fleysher we will help you find your inner clown, however deeply they are buried. They might not be as far away as you think. Using such sorcery as dance, word games and making eye contact, as well as playing with the smallest mask in the world - the red nose, we’ll show how to tap into different clown states and share your magic within. 


Suitable for beginners and experienced performers.

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